Infinite choice of fabrics

All Innova products can be customised thanks to a choice of fabrics, selected from our vast range or supplied directly by our clients

Not just standard

We are the number one fan of our clients. We love listening to their ideas and thinking precisely: for us this means creating the chairs, sofas, footstools and headboards imagined by (and often with) them.



Numerous services

We live in a world in which services have become more important than products. For this reason we pay a great deal of attention.

On time

Production times have to be respected because we divide our projects into individual phases, each with its own deadline, while working with an overall vision.



Value of Relationships

We consider good relations a value that empowers those who cultivate them. We pursue good relations with both our clients and suppliers; both are extremely important to the lifecycle of any product.

Attentive Listeners

Every project begins with good listening. It is truly important for us to precisely understand the requests made by our clients in order to reach consistently better results.



Many people tell you what you can and cannot do. Here at Innova, we give you the opportunity to range. This is why we define ourselves as “producers of white pages”, sheets that are drawn and coloured from your ideas. We can create the product with the style you imagined, from fabric to finishing, or even designed from your sketch. Thank to our experience we will drive you throughout the whole manufacturing process.


how we
design products

What is the most comfortable way to experience a product?This is difficult to understand from photographs, but simple using our indicators. We can immediately reveal their meaning and help you understand them right away.

Regular seating

A chair that helps you assume a composed stand, with a straight back, respecting all the rules of good etiquette.

Lounge seating

Here you can stretch out and relax a little bit, while maintaining the necessary “decorum

Loose seating

We reach another level. Unplug and think about what you want, in freedom!

Bold seating

Grandma wouldn’t approve... But it’s so comfortable and inviting, to be interpreted as one wishes.