/ Design Feel

"The idea above all else."

If you like what you have seen up to here, you have appreciated a mix of ideas, work, passion and concepts to which many people have contributed.

Because ideas and people come first, before any action of marketing and communication.

The idea precedes even those who thought it up. And when it impresses, it becomes objectively interesting, regardless of where it came from. For this reason, we decided to de-personalise our designers and represent them in a cartoon graphic, since the ideas are more important than the names – familiar or not – of their designers.

The Designers

Eleonora Barillari

Art director

After graduating in 2018 from the Italian Design School in Padua, she immediately dedicated herself to furniture design using a people-focused and extremely artistic approach. She has a young, lively and future-oriented design.

Antonio Fattore


He holds a degree in Design from the IED in Milan in 2014. His furnishings combine contemporary aesthetic taste with the formal suggestions deriving from his multidisciplinary background and in-depth studies of manufacturing processes.

Fabrizio Citton


Designer and founder of Arter&Citton, an architecture and design practice. His design work extends into various fields, such as architecture, design, interior design, communication and visual selling.

Monica Graffeo


She has been involved in design since 1997 with a strong multidisciplinary vocation. Since this time she has been involved in product development and art direction, working with numerous furniture companies, from bathrooms to decorative objects, to office and home furnishings

Willy Dalto

Design Direction Support

Industrial designer and art director, he has been involved in interior design and product design since 2004. In 2018 he founded his own design and research studio in Treviso. His projects range from the interior design, to product design and creative consultancy.

Mirko Cavallo


In 1999 he founded his own studio SuperStudio21 in Cologne, Germany. His studio deals with various themes, from Architecture to Design, Graphics to Art; all disciplines involve experimentation and love for one’s work.

Park Associati


Founded in 2000 by Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, Park Associati focuses on architecture, urban planning, landscape, interior design and product design. At the studio, design is an open process that feeds on dialogue and combines analysis and intuition.