Made in

Innova it’s a furniture company made in Italy based in Padua near the city of Venice.


the year Innova was founded; the company now boasts 40+ years of experience in manufacturing upholstered products


Innova it’s a furniture company made in Italy based in Padua near the city of Venice.


countries where our products are exported

2.400 mq

percentage of revenue reinvested in product research and development and marketing

60.000 m

average metres of stitching in a year


average number of people who sit on our products each year

35.500 m

metres of fabric cut per year


Design- und Architekturstudios mit mit denen wir jedes Jahr zusammenarbeiten


hospitality structures across the globe supplied with our products


design and architecture studios with whom we collaborate each year

3,5 Hour

average number of hours required to upholster one of our products

/Our rules

/these are our rules of working


Human relationships

Work now occupies much of our lives. This is why we love building projects and true relationships with our clients. A strong and positive relationship between client and company is one of our primary goals. This is the only way we can achieve the best result in every project and have some fun in the process.


More thana Made in Italy

Innova isn’t a traditional furniture company. We are more than just the so-called good and beautiful Made in Italy. While the Made in Italy is certainly an added value to our work, it’s not the main one.



We act ethically. Always, working inside the company and in our private lives. More than a list of rules and principles, it is a true moral code. It is a force that drives us toward a healthy and pure business.



We are a family company, founded by Livio Moro, and with a very low staff turnover. This strong bond, almost like a family, exists among colleagues, but also with our partners. Kindness, friendliness and transparency are at the base of our way of working and creating relations. Obviously, these values must be mutual.


Fresh Thinking

Innova has been operating in the furniture industry since 1982. We have a great deal of experience and a persistently fresh way of thinking. Cultivating this fresh way of thinking is the building block of any innovative company. Always one step ahead.


True to Our Words

In this field, we are oldfashioned. Holding true to our words is at the root of our way of working. Our words, like a handshake, have the power to build relations founded on trust.



We believe that honesty is a fundamental value for building a better society. This is why we can also admit (eventual) mistakes during our work. Projects can only get better in this way.