We are two linked universes. Three with you!

There are the founders, Livio and Ornella.
There are their sons Marta and Matteo, the new generations,
and there’s you with your own needs.
We know how to take the best from all three universes.

We actively work together in a mixed and well-rehearsed team. There is someone who had started with Livio and Ornella and others with Marta and Matteo. We are split more or less round the middle: a group from 38 to 50 years old and the other from 21 to 33 years old. We learn, we revalue, we influence each other, we update ourselves and we grow every day, even with the contribution of our customers.

Let’s start from a certainty: life is now.
And from a question: do you want to choose it?

We tell you because nowadays, work employs the main part of our life. That’s why we love building projects and relationships with our partners. We are willing, but selective. We avoid the hit-and-run style. Therefore, not all the customers can be Innova.

A provocation? Maybe, but it allows us to enjoy every day working and to have mutual satisfaction.

Shall provoke us with your requests? You will be amazed (and we already like you).

Let’s start from the most characterizing element in order to find the solution. Is it a matter of aesthetic, design, time or budget? Big numbers or small scale? We work both from the catalogue and on custom. We always agree how to proceed to grant the time, quality and budget fixed together. We do all our best to be welcoming and elastic such as our products. We also ensure the post-production service.

Innova, the usual upholstery manufacturer from generations? Definitely not.


Livio enters in the world of the upholstery, new to him. He uses his entrepreneurial spirit, his great organisational skills and his capacity to involve who was clever in the manufacture.


Earlier Matteo, later Marta, arrive. They express their skills, motivated by Livio. More service, attention and dynamism. They mix technology and craftsmen knowledge. They focus on aesthetic and communication.


You come along with your requests. The certainty? A handmade product can be well realised in a lot of ways. Let’s find the right one together.


We grow the relationship with our economic framework. We therefore remain a nimble company, but we know which companies and which reliable and professional craftsmen involve to do specific works or to expand our productive capacities.